Customizing your system with Top Level Terminology

Just Play allows you to build and organize your playbook in detail by using Terminology within Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

Terminology refers to items such as Formations, Packages, Concepts, etc. that are used to tag plays and give your team more options for filtering your playbook. To learn more about Terminology in general, click here.


Introducing Top Level Terminology

"Top Level Terminology" refers to the term categories that you designate as the most important within each unit. Using this features allows you to customize navigation in your Admin and Player App.

Admin Example: If you want Front, Stunt/Blitz, Coverage to be shown in your Defense navigation within your Admin, those categories would be set as Top Level in Admin.

Player App Example: If you want players to be able to sort your playbook by Formation, Concept, and Play Type, those three categories would be set as Top Level in Player App.


Setting Top Level Terminology

You can adjust your Top Level Terminology in two different places within your Admin, either within the Terminology section for each unit, or in the Playbook Settings section.


Managing from Terminology

  1. Go to Terminology within your unit (Offense, Defense, Special Teams) and click on the Manage Types button at the top of the page, next to the Filter by Type drop-down.
  2. Each term type has a column called "Top Level" that indicates it's current setting. You can add/remove a term type from the top level by clicking on the edit button and checking the boxes for Top Level in Admin and Top Level in Player App.

Note: the icons below indicate that a term type is currently set to top level in the Admin (star) and the Player App (phone).


Managing from Playbook Settings

  1. Go to Settings > Playbook Settings from the side menu of your Admin.
  2. Each unit has a section designating the Top Level Terminology in your system.
  3. To add a term type to the top level, select it from the drop-down. This will automatically add the term type to top level for both the Admin and Player App.
  4. Use the edit and delete icons to adjust the settings for the Admin/Player App or remove the term type entirely from the top level.


Note: this feature is available to all football clients who have migrated to the upgraded Just Play as of July 2017.



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