Spell Check for Scouting Reports

You can easily add spell check for scouting reports, and other areas of the system by installing a Grammarly Plugin directly to Chrome. is widely recognized as the market leader in this category. Grammarly provides a free opportunity to receive spell check and grammar corrections. Here are the steps to 

Here are the steps to using Grammarly in conjunction with Just Play. 

  • 1) Download the Grammarly extension to your chrome browser. Jump to the extension, click here.
  • 2) Adding the extension will automatically take you to sign up for your Grammarly account. 
    • Simply provide email, password, and name to sign up. 

Grammarly within Just Play: Screen_Shot_2017-09-25_at_1.02.12_PM.png

You will have an indicator in the lower left-hand corner of all text boxes, this will allow notify you of mistakes along with the red underline of the mistakes within the text. Simply hover your mouse over the mistake and Grammarly will provide you with suggestions to correct the mistake.



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