Customizing Play Forms

With the newest update of Just Play, coaches can now control all of the fields that are part of creating a play. Custom fields can be added to plays based on the Terminology that you have created for your system.

By default, your Top Level Terminology will be used to display the fields under the Terminology section of your new play. The screenshot below shows the Add New Play form within Offense. 


Under Terminology, the fields Concept, Series, Set Type and Situation are shown because those four term types are set as Top Level in Admin.

Learn more about Top Level Terminology and how you can customize the organization of your playbook in your Admin and Player App. 

To add a new field to the play form, click on the blue + New Term Field in the bottom right of the Terminology section. This will give you options for adding any of your term types as a field for this play. 

Example: Adding Year/Season to your Playbook

Let's say you would also like to tag the year to a play so that you could filter you playbook by season. This could be accomplished by adding a new Term Type called "Lineup" or "Drills", and then adding it as a custom field to your play form.

  1. Make sure you've added the Term Type for "Lineup" or "Drills" in your Terminology section.
  2. Click the + New Term Field in the bottom right of the Terminology section of your new play form.
  3. From the drop down that appears, select "Lineup" and click ADD.
  4. Type and select the year you want to tag to the play in the new field.
  5. Save the play.


This feature will give you unlimited options for organizing your playbook in whatever way makes sense for your program. It will also give players more ways to study specific sets of plays within the Player App as you layer on information to the play.

None of these fields are required, but it is a powerful option for staying organized and consistent as you build your system.

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