Video Quiz: Tips and Tricks for Building

You now have two type of quizzes for your players. Classic and Modern. 

Modern is how we have expanded upon our quizzes integrating recall, stopwatch and a multiple choice question with no video.

These will be used for different things, which we will help outline below.

Which do I choose? Typically this depends on the position or how you are trying to use it. However, here is an example of the functionality of each.  

Quiz Type

Number of Video Clips Number of Questions
Classic 1 per second of the video. Ex:16 second clip will allow 16 questions.*
Recall Unlimited Unlimited (Found in Modern Quiz)
Stopwatch Unlimited Unlimited (Found in Modern Quiz)
Multiple Choice No video Unlimited (Found in Modern Quiz)


Here is a breakdown of the common uses of each: 

Quiz Type

 Common Use:  Reporting
Classic  Enhances understanding of concepts   Player Session Data
Recall  Enhances visual recall and quick recognition Question by Question Data & Player Session Data
Stopwatch  Enhances quick decision making   Question by Question Data & Player Session Data

*Note we are not suggestion to have a stopping point at each second of the clip. This is simply demonstrating in the right situation you could.

Things to be aware of when building a quiz

  • Classic Quiz: You can only use 1 video clip per quiz. However, you can export multiple clips as a single video file from most video breakdown systems.
  • Classic Quiz: Avoid putting multiple questions on the same pause point. This creates confusion for the system and will prevent the questions from being displayed correctly.
  • Pause points that do not exist aren't supported. For example, if your video clip is 20 seconds long, a question set to pause at 30 seconds with not appear and will cause issues with your test. You may laugh...but it happens. 
  • Keep your questions and answers somewhat brief for the best user experience. Keep answers to less than 280 characters.
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