Using Travel Mode

Below are instructions on how to set your system for "travel" mode when you know you will not have an established internet connection when traveling.  You MUST be connected to the internet for the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Airplane icon on the left menu bar.
  2. Click the "Add Items" button at the top left of screen.
  3. Begin typing in the search box for any items (i.e. scouts, gameplans, videos) and click the green and white plus sign by that item.  It will add it to the "Selected Items" column on the right.  Continue until all the items you would like to work on offline appears in the right column. (Tip:  Be sure to create your scout and automate personnel before taking your scout "offline".  When a scout is taken offline, you will have the ability to add/edit plays within that scout.)
  4. Once finished, click the "Add" button on the bottom of the screen.  All the items you chose to take offline will now appear in the "Travel Mode" screen.
  5. If there are items here that you no longer want to take offline, click the trash can to the right of that item.
  6. Once all items are listed that you want to work on offline, click the red "Sync Items & Go Offline" button.  As items are being synced to your computer you will see notifications of your progress in the top right.
  7. You are ONLY able to disconnect from the internet when there is a red bar across the top of your account.

Only items that you have opted to take offline will show in your Just Play system.  You can still navigate the system as usual or click each item in the "travel mode" screen to jump to that item.  There are a few tasks that are not available in offline mode like making assignments or working in the stat factory.

Going Back Online:

  1. Once you are connected to an established internet connection, click the green button along the red bar that says "Go Online"
  2. A window will pop up that lists all edits you have made while being in "travel mode".  If there is an edit you DO NOT wish to sync back to your system then click the trash can to the right of that item.  Otherwise, all items listed there will overwrite anything on your Just Play account.  (Warning: Deleting an "edit" will result in losing that edit.  Make sure you do not want to sync the change before deleting.)
  3. Click sync and confirm that you want to sync the content




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