Adding Stat Report Pages to a Scouting Report

We have introduced a new "Reports" feature for all Just Play Elite clients at the collegiate and professional levels. This will allow you to append various stat pages to your scouting reports. Pro and NCAA Division 1 clients will also be able to include box scores.

Note: You can also set up templates for reports so that they are automatically generated for your opponent each time you add a new scout.


Steps for Adding Reports to a Scout

1. Navigate to the Reports tab within a scouting report and click the + New Report button below the table.


2. Fill out the form that appears by selecting the report type and stat split that you'd like to use.


3. Click the Add button.


Explaining Report Types

The following types of reports can be added to scouting reports:

  • Team Stats: team and opponent statistics based on the selected split (Overall, Home, etc.) - Example
  • Team Leaders: player stats table based on the selected split - Example
  • Team Summary: a combined report of player stats, teams stats, and season results based on the selected split - Example
  • Player Productivity: a visualization of player production based on points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks compared to minutes played - Example
  • Traditional Comparison: a side-by-side breakdown of you and your opponent's traditional team stats - Example
  • Advanced Comparison: a side-by-side breakdown of you and your opponent's advanced team stats - Example
  • Box Scores: game box scores of the selected games from your Team > Box Scores section within the scouting report (only available for WNBA and NCAA Division 1) - Example

To add box scores to the Reports section, navigate to the Team tab within your scouting report. Next to each Box Score link, there is a check box in the "Add to Reports" column. Clicking the box will add the box score to the Reports section (indicated by the green dot). To remove the box score, either uncheck the box in this tab or delete the report from the Reports section.



Creating Report Templates 

You can create stat report templates to automatically generate reports on your opponent each time you add a new scout. To add a template, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Scouting > Scout Templates section in your Admin and click on the Stat Reports option.
  2. Click the +New Report button. A form will appear similar to what you see when adding reports to an individual scout (see above).
  3. Click Add to save your report template.

Each time a new scout is created, reports for all of the items in your Stat Report templates will be generated for your opponent.


Example Reports

Team Stats (Split: Overall)


Team Leaders (Split: Overall)


Team Summary (Split: Overall)


Player Productivity (Split: Overall)Screen_Shot_2017-05-04_at_4.11.21_PM.png

Traditional Comparison
 (Split: Overall)


Advanced Comparison (Split: Overall)


Box Score



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