Offense: Organizing by Concept

You have the ability to organize your Offensive Playbook by formation, concept, play call, personnel, or protection.

Organizing by Concept

The ability to sort your playbook by concept is a powerful way to keep things organized. To sort your playbook by concept:

  1. Click on Offense > Playbook
  2. Select "Concept" from the sort drop-down

Note: You can set "Concept" as your default playbook sort in your App Settings.

Adding Concepts

Concepts (and all terminology tags) are automatically added to your system when a play is submitted. You can now enter multiple concept tags on a single play.

When sorting by concept, all plays that are tagged with a concept will show under its respective heading. This means that a play with multiple concepts will show under multiple headers.

You can build out terminology pages dedicated to concepts as well. For information on building out terminology, read here.


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