Offense: Building Playbook Overview

You have the ability to organize your Offensive Playbook using the following categories. 

  • Formation
  • Concept
  • Protection / Blocking Scheme
  • Personnel
  • Play Call

You can filter by these categories at any time but it is recommended that you choose a default sort that fits your system best. For information on updating your default playbook sort, read our App Settings Tutorial.

When building a play, you will see the following form:

Not all of the information is required. However, your playbook will be more organized and players will have more study options if you provide more details.

Play Type

Play type is now a useful tool for organizing your playbook. Creating new plays types is simple, just click on the plus sign next to the drop down. You can add, change or delete the types using the manage types button (after you have clicked the plus sign).

Examples of play types could be: Run, Pass, RPO, Screens, PAP..etc 

Terminology Tags

Terminology tags are used as an organization tool, as you can always sort your playbook by terminology types.

You can also build out pages with diagrams and video specific to an individual term. For information on building out terminology, read here.

Note: Values that are input into fields in the Terminology Tags will automatically be added to your Terminology section. Your system will automatically remember these values and you can build out pages for them as needed.


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