Offense: Organizing by Formation

You have the ability to organize your Offensive Playbook by formation, concept, play call, personnel, or protection. If you need help setting your default filter, see our App Settings Tutorial.

Organizing by Formation 

You have options when organizing your playbook by formation. Alignments are used to add a strength or variations to a formations. This allows the playbook to be sorted deeper than a conventional 2 layer playbook. Think of Alignments as folders, within your Formations section.

In your App Settings, you have the ability to set your play structure to either two or three levels.

Example Play: "Spread Right 4 Verts"

3 Level system:

  • Layer 1: Formation (Ex: Spread)
  • Layer 2: Alignment (Strength of the formation) (Ex: Right)
  • Layer 3: Play Call (Ex: 4 Verts)            

In a 3 Level system, you will want to add alignments as you build out a new formation.


2 Level System:

The only difference is the formation and alignment are combined.

  • Layer 1: Formation/Alignment (Ex. Spread Right)
  • Layer 2: Play Call (Ex. 4 Verts)

In a 2 Level, simply put Spread Right for the formation and leave the alignments fields blank.


Important: You must decide between one or the other! 

There is a ton of flexibility either way, but you must have consistent organization throughout your playbook. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your rep for more info or explanation to which structure may fit your program better.


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