Diagram Tool: Overview

Adding diagrams to formations, packages, plays, terms, gameplans, installs, and scouts is easy to do in your Just Play system. Our diagram tool will save you hours each week in your preparation.

Starting a New Diagram

From any formation, package, play or term page, follow the steps below.

1. Click on the Diagrams tab and click the "Add" button.

Note: Formation and package diagrams will not have a Diagrams tab but the "Add" button will be visible in a similar location on the page.

2. The window below will appear after clicking "Add" allowing you to choose a diagram to start from.

You can start your diagram from any existing diagram in your system. You can also use any of our starter diagrams as a starting point to save you time. Use the search box to quickly find the diagram you would like to start from.

Example 1: Search "Twin Pro" to start from a diagram created for a formation called "Twin Pro".

Example 2: Search "Swing 18 Counter" to start from a diagram for a play called "Swing 18 Counter".

Example 3: Search "2x1" to start from one of our 2x1 offensive starter diagrams.

Example 4: Search "3-4" to start from one of our 3-4 defensive starter diagrams.

3. Click on the diagram you would like to start from to open up the diagram tool.

4. Draw your play and click "Save Diagram". See more information below on the diagram tool layout for tips on the most effective way to diagram plays.


Diagram Tool Layout

After selecting starting diagram, the diagram tool will open up and you begin modifying it for the new diagram. The image and descriptions below explain the layout and functionality of the Just Play diagram tool.

1. Favorites
: You can create and organize favorites in the diagram tool to quickly add them to any diagram. For more information on adding and organizing Favorites, read this article.

2. Canvas Elements: You can add new figures (circles, squares, etc.) and text to the canvas by dragging the desired shape onto the canvas from the Design Elements area. You can also show and snap elements to a grid and show yardage indicators to help you draw more precisely. Use the Background drop-down to switch out the canvas behind your diagram.

3. Line Tools: We have designed four easy-to-use line drawing tools to help you quickly draw diagrams. You can draw a straight, right angle, multi-point, or curved line with various styles and end points from this toolbar.

4. Canvas Controls: Using the Canvas Controls in the upper right corner of the diagram tool, you can flip the canvas horizontal and vertical, zoom in or out while drawing, and upload images to the canvas.

Saving Diagrams

When you are finished with your diagram, click the "Save Diagram" button in the top right section of the screen. This will save your diagram and navigate you back to the play, term, formation, or package you were previously working in. You should see your new diagram here and it will be available throughout your system and in your players' app.

Naming Diagrams

By default, diagrams will be named with the play, term, formation, or package name. You can rename and add notes to the diagram by clicking the "Details" button underneath the diagram.

Editing Diagrams

To edit a diagram, click on the "Edit" button underneath the diagram you wish to change. This will open up the diagram tool so you can being making changes. You will notice slightly different options for saving the diagram in the upper right corner of the screen. "Save & Continue" will save your work but keep in you in the diagram tool to continue working. "Save & Exit" will save your changes and take you back to the play, term, formation, or package page. "Exit" will take you out of the diagram tool without saving any changes.

Copying Diagrams

Copying diagrams can be a useful shortcut to use when adding multiple diagrams to a play, term, formation, or package. For example, you might want to diagram a play versus a different defense or you might want to diagram the same play to the other side of the field. Instead of diagramming from scratch, use the "Copy" button underneath the diagram you would like to use as a starting point. This will open up the diagram tool so you can make slight adjustments to the diagram. Click "Save Diagram" in the upper right corner of the screen to save your work as a new diagram.



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