Gameplans & Installs

Updated February 16, 2017

Gameplans and installs allow coaches to create custom sets of information and assign them to a group of users. You can add the following items from your system to a gameplan/install:

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Creating a Gameplan/Install

1. Click the "+ New" button in the upper right portion of the Gameplans & Installs page (found within the Offense, Defense, or Special Teams sections).

2. Give the gameplan/install a title and choose who you want to assign it to. You can assign it to groups or individual users in your system.

Once your gameplan/install has been created, you can begin adding items to it. You can also create cover page notes and add a logo for your opponent (optional) from the Cover & Settings tab.

3. Begin adding items using "Add Items" button on the Gameplan/Install Items tab. You can choose to add existing items from your system using the tabs along the top of the pop-up window.



Option 1: Add plays from the master playbook
This will simply include plays as-is from your master playbook. To add plays, check the box next to each play you would like to pull into the gameplan/install and click the "Add Selected Plays". From each play, this will pull:

  • Any diagrams you have drawn from that play
  • Any notes/tags you have made in the play details section
  • Any video you have added to the play
  • Any positional assignments you have made on that play

 Note: that any changes made to these master plays will be reflected throughout your entire system.

Option 2: Create new versions from master playbook
Creating versions will simply make a copy of plays from your master playbook so you can make adjustments to those plays within a gameplan/install without affecting your master playbook. To create versions, check the box next to each play you would like to copy. You have the option to copy elements of each play, including: 

  • Any diagrams associated with that play.
  • Any assignments on each play. 

Note: Any video associated with the copied play will not transfer to the gameplan/install.

Option 3: Create plays from existing gameplans/installs

Similar to creating versions from the master playbook, this option allows you to create new versions of plays from another gameplan/install. To create versions, check the box next to each play you would like to copy. Similar to creating new versions, you have the option to copy elements from the play, including:

  • Any and all diagrams in the plays in the gameplan/install
  • Any and all assignments on each play in the gameplan/install.

Note: Any changes made to these plays will only be reflected in the current gameplan/install.

Option 4: Create a new play specific to this gameplan/install
This option allows you to create a brand new play that will only appear in this gameplan/install. Once you select this option, you will be taken to the "Add a Play" screen where you can begin building a play from scratch.


Adding these items to a gameplan/install is very simple and provides the ability to create more dynamic presentations for you players. To add one of these items:

  1. Select the appropriate tab from the Add Items pop-up window.
  2. Find the items that you'd like to add by sorting or searching the table.
  3. Use the check boxes to select items, then click the Add button at the bottom of the pop-up.



Once you have added items, you will see them listed on your Gameplan/Install Items tab. The type of item will be indicated by the color icons to left of each row in the table. You can alter the sort order from this view as well.




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