Importance of Naming the Diagrams

When building your diagrams, Just Play allows you to start from any diagram that you have ever built. 

Naming diagrams is important for being able to search for anything within the system. You can search on a variety of different data that is attached to a play diagram, including:

  1. Diagram Name (Title)
  2. Unit
  3. Type of Diagram (Play, Formation, Term, GP-[off, def, sp])

The screenshot below shows the search filtering box when you click to add a new diagram on a play or term.




To ensure organization after building a play, copying a play, or adding multiple diagrams to a play, make sure to update the diagram name. To do this, click on the Details button underneath each diagram on the play/term page.

By default, the diagram will be named for the formation, play, or term name. To update the diagram name:

1. Click the Details button underneath the diagram


2. Edit the diagram name and provide notes for the diagram and Update.                           



Putting notes on the diagram is perfect when you are creating plays with multiple adjustments or diagrams. This section will allow you to put specific notes that you want your players to see in regard to this diagram only.


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