Printing: Play Sheet Builder

The video below shows you how to quickly build and print play sheets using our Play Sheet Builder. Use this to print any diagram from your entire system. 

Note: This is not where you print full plays, this is just used for diagrams. Full Plays can be printed within each individual play.

You can print 1 - 8 diagrams per page. This is great for cards, or even just an 8-box.

Play Sheet Builder Instructions
You will access the play sheet builder by clicking the menu item within the unit you want to print cards for (Offense, Defense, or Special Teams). 
  • Use the filters to quickly find the diagrams you want to print, whether it be within the master playbook, a gameplan/install, scout cards, or terminology.
  • Once you are ready to build, drag and drop diagrams you want to include in your print job into the right column labeled "Create a Play Sheet".
  • You can drag each diagram up and down within the right column to reorder it. Once you have selected all the diagrams you wish to print, click "Create Sheet."
  • You can change the print layout using the options at the top of the page.

Make sure the recommended orientation matches your print settings in the print preview page, after selecting the number of diagrams per page. (i.e 1 - Landscape, 2 - Portrait, 4 - Landscape, 8 - Portrait).

We recommend using Google Chrome, where you can adjust the margins if any of your page breaks are off. To do this, make sure the Margins drop-down is set to "Custom" in your print preview window. Then, simply drag the blue dotted lines at the top or bottom of the page to adjust the margin (shown below).


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