Adding diagrams from FastDraw

It is simple to add diagrams from FastDraw to plays, terms, and scouts in your Just play system. Below are instructions for how to export diagrams and our recommendations on the settings and specifications for this process.

1. Any plays that you would like frame-by-frame images for should be included in your FastDraw playbook. Once this is created, open the Playbook Settings menu.

We recommend the following settings for the best viewing experience in the Just Play player app.

  • 1 Frame per row, 1 Row per page
  • Leave all Page Options blank (no title, subtitle, header/footer information)
  • Leave Play Labels blank
  • Include Frame Description to include the notes under each frame (you can also type these for each frame in Just Play)

2. Once your settings are ready, go to File > Save As Images in the top menu. We recommend that you set the dimensions to 612 (width) x 792 (height).

3. Choose the folder on your computer to save the images. Click Save As Images. Each frame for the diagrams in your playbook will be saved as an individual image in your destination folder.

4. In your Just Play system on the play or term you would like to add your FastDraw diagrams, click on the Diagrams tab and click the Add button.

You will see the dialog box below. Click on the blue Upload Files button in the top right corner.



5. A form will appear where you can upload multiple images as diagrams to the play or term (shown below). Click on Choose Files and select the images from your FastDraw export that should be added to the play. You can select multiple images at once and reorder them as needed.





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