Offense: Terminology Tags

Terminology is an important part of any system and Just Play gives you a dynamic way to let players study the individual components of offense, defense, and special teams strategy.

You can break down terminology and build out dynamic pages with diagrams, videos, assignments and more.

Default Offensive Terminology

Just Play features default terminology types (used as Terminology Tags when building plays) that you can filter your playbook by.

  • Concept
  • Protection / Block Scheme
  • Motion / Shift
  • Personnel 

When you enter terms in these fields when building a play, they will automatically be added to your Offensive Terminology.

You can also create custom terminology for everything else you teach in your program. Examples might include term pages for "Drills" or "General Principals". 

Note: Custom term types can be made but will appear in terminology and will not be linked to your playbook. It will strictly be within the terminology section of the app. 


Creating Custom Terminology Types

1. Click into the Unit (Offense, Defense or Special Teams) in your side menu and select Terminology.

You will be shown a list of all terminology in your system. This includes terms that were entered as part of Terminology Tags when building a play. 

2. Click + Add Type to create a new term category (Ex: "Drills"). Fill out the form and click Submit.

Note: You can also edit and remove terminology types by clicking on the Manage Types button in the same section.


Adding a New Term

1. Click + New Term in the top right corner of the Terminology page.

2. Type out the term name, select the type, and enter any notes. Click Add Term to save it.

3. After saving, you can click on the new term and be taken to a Term page where you can edit details, and add diagrams and video the new term. This page works and displays just like plays in your playbook.



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