Diagramming multiple movements/passes - June 23, 2016

With our update over the weekend, animating multiple player movements and passes in the Just Play diagram tool has never been easier.
For more information on line drawing, read here.
The diagrams below show examples of multiple movements or passes on the same frame. The Just Play diagram tool will automatically animate these movements for you with the click of a button.
Multiple Player Movements:
In Frame 1, the 4 will first move along the ball screen line. It will then automatically find its next line which will animate it to the ball side block.
NOTE: Make sure that for the initial ball screen line, it is connected to the 4 figure. You do not need to connect the second movement, just simply place the line near the finishing point for the screen. 
Multiple Passes: 
In Frame 2, the ball will first be passed to the 2. Just Play will then find the next pass line and transfer to the 5 figure.
NOTE: Make sure that the initial pass line is connected to the ball/1 figure. You do not need to connect the second passing line, just simply place the line near the player you wish to make the 2nd pass. 
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