Playbook updates: multiple tags, custom play types, and new sort features - July 10, 2016

We have released new updates to the offense, defense, and special teams playbook that will give you more flexibility in organizing your playbook. Watch the video or read the summary below to learn more about these updates.
New Playbook Sorting Features
We have introduced new sorting features to the playbook that give you the option to sort and filter your plays on the fly.
You will still see the sort drop down at the top of your Master Playbook. However, the table of plays within each section can be sorted by any column. You can also use the Search box above the table to filter down your plays in realtime.

Playbook by Play Type (PASS sorted on Concept column)


Playbook by Play Type (PASS filtered by "Ace")


Multiple Tags within Plays

A big request from coaches that we have addressed in this update is the ability to assign multiple terminology tags within a play.

You will see a slightly different layout when adding and editing plays that divides the Play Info from Terminology Tags.

Example 1: You have a run play that should be part of both your "Inside Zone" concept and your "Zone" concept.

Example 2: You have a defensive call with a stunt called "Crash" and a blitz called "Falcon".


To add multiple tags within each term field, simply type the term and press ENTER to submit it. The term will be shown in blue.

This update also affects the player side so that the same play can be shown under two different labels (ex: Crash and Falcon) if it contains multiple tags for any one term type.


Custom Play Types

You can now add your own custom play types to your offensive playbook. Your playbook can also now be sorted by Play Type.

To add or edit your play types, click on the + button next to the Play Type field when adding or editing a play.

A dialog box will appear where you can add a new play type or manage your existing play types by clicking on the blue button in the top right.

This update also affects the player side so that they can now sort by Play Type. Your default playbook sort (Formation, Concept, Personnel, etc.) will automatically be the second level of sorting when players choose to sort by Play Type.

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