Diagram Tool (Basketball): Adding Favorites

Adding favorites is a useful feature of our diagram tool to organize and save elements of diagrams that you draw often. A favorite can be something simple like a pick and roll action or as complex as the beginning sequence of a play within a series.

1. To create a new favorite, first click, hold and drag your mouse cursor around the elements of the diagram which you wish to save. Anything included in the gray box will be part of your selection.


2. Next, from the left tool bar, click on the star icon at the bottom of the Design Properties section. A dialog box will appear. Name the favorite and choose a folder that the favorite should be saved in.


Note: Folders are used to organize your favorites into groups (ex: Zone Defenses, Dribble Actions, Series Starters, etc.). To create new folders, click the plus button next to the Folder drop-down menu. A dialog box will appear to name and save a new folder. 

Click the Add button to save your favorite. You will now be able to access it at anytime from the Favorites menu in the left toolbar.

Using a Favorite

To use a favorite that you have saved, first locate it in the Favorites section in the left toolbar. If you have created folders, you will have to expand the folders by clicking on the plus/minus buttons next to the folder name.

Drag a favorite onto your diagram by clicking on the thumbnail, holding and dragging it to the canvas.

Release the mouse to add the favorite to the canvas. You can then move it into place by clicking, holding and dragging it around on the diagram.


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