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Analytics are a way for the staff to track exactly how players are using their Just Play system. Regardless of where players log in from, Just Play will keep track of total engagement within Just Play, and even tell you exactly what pages players have visited and how long they were on each page. 

In player analytics you will have two options: team dashboard and individual reports.

Team Dashboard

In the team dashboard you have the ability to see a collective report of total time vs. total page views in the app. This scatter plot of days can be adjusted at any time to reflect the time frame you wish to look at. To do so simply click on the timeline at the top right and adjust accordingly. 

Individual Reports

In individual reports you can compare all of your players engagement. This can be sorted by any field that suits you best by clicking on that field at the top. 

You have the ability to click on any player name to be taken to a timeline of their specific account engagement.

Next you will see a chart like the one above but specific to individual player. 

If you click on a point (representing the day you wish to look at) it will navigate you to their account activity page which has logged every page the player has looked at and how long they looked at that page down to the second!

As a coach, you have the ability to turn on/off your player analytics in app settings at any time. For more information on that please refer to our article on app settings found here.

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