Building A Scouting Report

Following are instructions on how to build a scouting report from scratch to be able to print and/or share with your players virtually. 

Step 1 - Click on Scouting Reports under the Scouting tab on the left hand side of your team page and click the "+ new" at the top right of the screen. 


Step 2 - Type in the opponent you are facing and date of the game. You will also be prompted to choose whom you wish to assign this scouting report to. 


Step 3 - You will now be directed to your scouting report in which you can start entering relevant information. We will go through each seperate tab individually below. 


  • Cover - The cover page will give you options to add a photo of the team you are playing, select the opposing team's color, and type in any text you would like your team to see on the cover page

Note: For D1 Teams the logo and color will be automatically uploaded based on the opponent

  • Plays - This section allows coaches the ability to add as many plays as they would like to this scouting report. To add a new play simply click the "+ Add Play" button at the bottom left, select the sort order, type in play information and click the green check mark. Once all of the players are entered, click the "refresh" button. This will allow you to go in and edit any plays that have been added, in order to add more information, tag videos and draw up diagrams specific to a play. 


  • Keys - In keys, coaches are able to add sections of text to a scouting report (I.E. Offensive Keys To Win The Game). To add these sections simply click the "+ Section" Button located at the top right, select the order the section should be in, enter the appropriate text and click save. 


  • Personnel - Here is where coaches can enter the opponent roster. To add new players to personnel, click on the "+ add player" button at the bottom left and enter in their information. Once the roster is manually updated, you will be able to click edit and update: statistics, profile picture, notes, video, assignments and even specific plays. 

Note: D1 Teams have the option to automate personnel. To do so click on the automate personnel button at the bottom and select your opponent. This will automatically pull whichever stats you have selected into the personnel, as well as create automated skill lists (if you choose). 



  • Depth & Lists (Depth Chart) - To create a depth chart simply select a position (I.E. 1 or PG) and use the drop down menus to choose the player from the roster associated with that spot on the depth chart. 


  • Depth & Lists (Skill Lists) - Skill lists are all customizable and can be created to reflect any type of information coaches would like to convey (Rim Protectors, Best 3 Pt Shooters, Etc.). To add a new skill list, click the "add a list" button and follow the instructions to enter in needed information. 


Note: D1 Teams have the option to automate skill lists 

  • Video & Files - Use this section to add any general video or files that are specific to this scouting report


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