Scout Templates - Stat Profiles, Print Templates, Automated Lists

Scout Templates are a great way for you to set a standard for your scouting reports. Currently you have the option to build 3 different types of automation. 

1) Stat Profiles - Allows you to add as many stat types and stat fields to a scouting report 

2) Print Templates - Allows you to quickly switch between different print outs on the fly for your staff or team. 

3) Auto Skills List - Allow you to automatically pull certain skills lists into your scouting reports, such as: Best Shooters, Worst Free Throw Shooter, Best Rebounders. All of these you are able to change after creation. 

Stat Profiles - 

To Add New Template

Step 1) Click + New Profile

Step 2) Title the profile and checkbox the stat categories and types you wish to add. 


Print Templates - 

This allows you to control which sections of the scouting report are shown in a print template. Simply turn items on or off and select where you want the page break. For example, in the picture below you see the Keys and Skills list are on the same page, with the Depth Chart turned off. 


Auto Skills List - 

The auto skills list allows you to automatically create a skills list for your scouting report based off of the stats that you pull on the opposing team's players. You can create as many lists as you want, with you own custom names. Select which stat you want associated with the list. For example, the list below is Best 3-Point Shooters and the stat associated is 3 Point %. You can then set the sort to High to Low or Low to High, along with a Minimum Stat Field value and Minimum Value. 


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