Stat Factory - Player Splits

In Just Play's Stat Factory, you can create the most dynamic, custom stat sheets available due to the ability to pull over 300 different player and team statistics as you please. You have the ability to print these off, if you are looking to build your scouting report for the player head over to the Scouting Reports tutorial for Automating Personnel.


From the Dashboard, click Scouting Reports -> Stat Factory. 

This will bring you to the Stat Factory, where you can begin by typing in any Division 1 team in the country on the right hand side, select the season to pull from and which stat format  you would like to use under "Stat Profile". 

Click "Player Splits", and the stats will populate on the left hand side. From here, you can customize the stat categories and stat fields to generate an extremely dynamic stat sheet. If you have created templates using the stat profiles, you can quickly change on the fly. 


The sections can also be edited by clicking "Edit" at the top right corner. This will allow you to rearrange stat lines and delete out certain player profiles. If you have a page break issue, simply click line break on the right hand side to account for the new page.


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