Automate Personnel

Within Scouting Reports, you have the ability to automate the other team's personnel using the Stat Profiles you have built within the Scout Templates section of Just Play. You have the ability to Re-sync stats anytime in the scouting report, we update stats every night so you have the most up-to-date information. You can continue to add player notes and video, re-syncing stats will not affect anything you have already built in the player profiles.


The automated personnel is where you will have the ability to:

  • Select Opponents Starters
  • Add Notes to Personnel 
  • Add Video to Personnel 
  • Send to Player App or Print-off scouting report 

Once you click Automate Personnel, a drop down will appear. You can select the team, season and stat profile you wish to pull from. It will also automatically create your skills list if you choose. 


After clicking sync, the updated stats will automatically pull into your scouting reports. Here you can manage re-sync stats, make inactive (or Hide) players who won't play and select starters.

Click "Edit Profile" on any specific player to add player notes and video.

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