Sending ("Assigning") Scouting Report to Player App

The only way for your players to view the scouting report is by assigning the scouting report to them. As a coach, you can see all scouting reports in the coaches admin. However if you wish to view on the player app you will need to "assign" it to yourself.

You have the ability to assign scouting reports to individuals, or groups within the home page of the specific scouting report. To manage access, click "Assign" in the scouting report in the top right hand corner. 

From there, you will see this drop down: 

Select the group that you wish to be able to view the scouting report, or individually add users. If you select a group make sure the people you wish to view it are actually in the corresponding group. 

Click Update and they will be able to view the scouting report on their mobile devices. 

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