Importing Video From Synergy

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create an edit in Synergy and then upload that edit into your Just Play account and be able to add this anything within your account. 

Pulling From Synergy to Local Computer

Step 1) Create the Edit in Synergy Editor

Create the custom edit and then click and drag the clips you wish to send to Just Play into the right column (underneath the section pictured below). 


Step 2) Send Files to Local Machine 

Once you have added the clips to the edit that you wish to send to Just Play, click the "send button" and send to your local machine. This will send a file containing the video clips that you can drag and drop into the Just Play video uploader.  


Step 3) Batch Rename the Video Clips & Prepare to import into Just Play

To find the clips that you just sent to the local machine, open up your computer's documents folder. Click Synergy Edits -> your username -> "My Edits" -> then the video folder.

Let's say the first 5 clips of the edit are for Player 1 of your personnel page, AND you want them in the specific order 1-5.

3-1) Click the 1st clip, hold shift, then click the 5th clip. This will highlight all 5 clips.

3-2) Right click to rename all 5 items. 

3-3) Once you select rename items, the box below will show up. Here you can add text before the current files name.


Adding Video to Just Play 

Now that you have your video from Synergy prepared, you are ready to import into Just Play.


Step 1) Click Film Room > Video Library from the left menu

On the right hand side, you will see a blue "+ Add Videos" button. This will launch the uploader where you can drag and drop the clips you wish to upload.

Once the videos process, they will appear in your video library with the same names that you saved on your local computer. You can now add these video clips to any play, term, scout, or player profile.



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