Embedding Video Using an iframe Code

In this tutorial, we will show you to how to embed video into the Just Play system. Video in another platform (Krossover, Hudl, Youtube, etc.) can be embedded into Just Play using the iframe code provided. This allows you a quick and easy way to get video into the Just Play system without downloading and uploading the video file.

Note: This feature is not available for building quizzes. 

Step 1) Create or find the Video, Reel, or Highlight you wish to add to Just Play. Typically there will be a Share button or icon that will provide an Embed option.


Shown above -

Step 2) Click the share button and then copy (CMD/CTRL + C) the Embed code. Embed code must be an <iframe> to work correctly in Just Play. Make sure you use the full <iframe> embed code and not just the URL of the video. 


Shown above -

Shown above -

In Just Play:

Step 3) Go to the Play, Scouting Report or Term that you wish to add the video to. Click on the Video & Files tab and click the "+Add" button.

Step 4-1) Click the </> Embed button in the top right of the drop down.



Step 4-2) Insert/paste the copied embed code. Also, make sure you title the video. Click submit.





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