Printing Scouting Reports

With Just Play you have the ability to print your scout or send it to the player via the Player App.  

With the October 2017 update, printing is now easier than ever. The following is a summary of additions and updates that have been made to our scouting reports print tool.


Keys Section Updates: You now have the ability to have the Key section be displayed as a 1, 2 or 3 columns layout. You can adjust this within Scout Templates > Print Templates, or using the new Edit Template option on the scout's print page.


Update Print Template from the Print Page: We have now given you the ability to adjust your print template on the fly within the print page. You can open settings for each section, and change number of columns, add page breaks or turn sections on or off.


Smart Page Break:
 Our updates to handling page breaks provides you with a clean printout, every single time. If the system notices that a keys section, skills list, or player profile will not fit on the current page, then that section will automatically be bumped to the next page. This will save you a ton of time making your scouts print cleanly for each game. 




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