Adding Personnel Stats from Previous Game


We are well aware that you are beginning to play opponents within your conference for the second time around this season, so we wanted to build an article on how to easily add your opponent's stat line from your previous matchup into your scouting report. 




Step 1 - Create the Scouting Report on your Opponent (an easy way to do this is to Click on the scout from the first game, and then click "Copy". This will replicate that scout and enable you to make adjustments based off of the information you had previously entered). 


Step 2 - Click on the "Team" tab, and then click the "Box Scores" tab.


Step 3 - Check the box of the game from your first matchup this season. 


Step 4 - Click the drop-down directly above the checked boxes, and select "Add as Stat Line to Players"


Step 5 - Title the stat line (Ex. Previous Game, vs "team name", etc), and click "OK".


Step 6 - You'll see a green notification in the top right corner to indicate that you have successfully added the stat line from the last matchup!


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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