Adding Conference Split Line to Personnel

Below outlines the best practice for populating conference-only stats when automating personnel for a scout.

We know as you get deeper in conference season, displaying conference-only statistics is very important for your program. Instead of utilizing the "Customize Stats" button, edit your "Stat Profile" to automatically pull the Conference-only split in when Automating Personnel.

To Change your Stat Profile to include Conference-only:

1. Navigate to Scouts > Scout Templates.

2. Click on Stat Profiles

3. Either click "New Profile" to create a new profile OR click on a stat profile that you have already created in order to add Conference.

4. Under "Stat Categories" check the box next to "Conference".

Then click "Update Profile" on the lower right side.

5. Moving forward, be sure to select the Stat Profile you edited, or created, to include the Conference split when automating personnel.

It's that simple!

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