How to Build a Stopwatch Quiz

Creating a Stopwatch Quiz:

1. Click on Film Room > Video Quizzes in your side navigation.

2. Click + New Quiz in the top right corner of the Video Quizzes page.

3. Fill out the form, selecting your quiz, giving your quiz a title and assigning it to groups and individuals. Note: you can add/remove assignments once your quiz is built as well.


4. After adding the quiz, You will be prompted to click + New Question

You will then Search for Video within your system that you wish to use. 

5. Add your question to the quiz by filling out the form next to your video. 

To add a question, you will need to input the following information:

  • Type your question
  • Select the target time* (Use the slider the select the point) 
  • Enter up to 4 possible answers (Note: top answer in green is the correct one)
  • Enter a coaching point in the Notes field that will display after the player answers the question.

*Target Time: Time/Moment within the video that you wish to have your players answer by.
Note: This will not adjust if you clip the video, for example: If you trim/clip your video from starting at 0 seconds to starting at 5 seconds and you set the the Target Time of 4 seconds this quiz will not be supported. 

Note: You can clip the video to only quiz on a specific section of the video clip. 

6. Click Save. It will then prompt you to add another question with either a new clip or reuse the clip you just used. 

7. When you have input all of your questions and are ready to assign it to players, use the buttons at the top to Assign the quiz and change the status from Pending to Active

Note: All quizzes are Pending by default.


Recall and Stopwatch quizzes are only available for Elite members.

For differences between Classic and Recall/Stopwatch, be sure to check out Video Quiz: Tips for Building.


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