How To Build A Classic Quiz

Video quizzes are a dynamic way for you to develop young players, refresh older players and keep everyone accountable to what you are teaching them. We now have three different types of video quizzes: Classic, Recall and Stopwatch.

For quick tips and tricks, be sure to check out Video Quiz: Tips for Building.

Building A "Classic Quiz:

1. Click on Film Room > Video Quizzes in your side navigation.

2. Click + New Quiz in the top right corner of the Video Quizzes page.

3. Fill out the form, giving your quiz a title and assigning it to groups and individuals. Note: you can add/remove assignments once your quiz is built as well.


4. After adding the quiz, you will be taken to the Quiz Builder page.Select a video for the quiz using one of the following options:

Search for Video within Your System. Click the video thumbnail to use. 

5. Begin adding questions to the quiz by filling out the form next to your video. Your questions will load underneath the video and you can add as many questions to the quiz as you'd like.

To add a question, you will need to input the following information:

  • Type your question
  • Select the pause point (Note: do not put two questions on the same pause point)
  • Enter up to 4 possible answers (Note: top answer in green is the correct one)
  • Enter a coaching point in the Notes field that will display after the player answers the question.

6. When you have input all of your questions and are ready to assign it to players, use the buttons at the top to Assign the quiz and change the status from Pending to Active.

Note: All quizzes are Pending by default and will not show up in the player app until you change the status to Active.

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