Defense: Overview

In this article we will talk about how to best organize your defensive playbook. The first thing to understand is the difference between your playbook and terminology.

Playbook vs. Terminology

Terminology is a separate section within Just Play that allows you to breakdown specific parts of your defensive system. By default, you have the ability to build out terminology in the following categories:

Defensive Playbook Organization

To explain how to best organize your defense, let's start from the top of your defensive menu and breakdown each section.


This is where you will actually build out your full play calls and play diagrams (Example: "Odd Buck Cover 4").

Your plays will be comprised of fronts, stunt/blitz, and coverages (Terminology Tags) within a single play. You can also add tags for concepts and opponent formations. For information on building out defensive plays, click here.


Think of packages as the top level folders of your playbook. Packages are designed to organize your playbook by your personnel (Base, Nickel, Dime, etc.). Packages are completely customizable and allow you flexibility in organizing your calls.

When you create packages, you can create your diagram templates that can be used to build plays from.

Tip: Read the "Importance of Naming Diagrams."


Default terminology types for the following is listed next in your defensive menu:

  • Coverages
  • Fronts
  • Stunts/Blitzes
  • Opponent Formations

By building out terminology, players will be able to study the individual components of your defense. When terminology tags are added to a defensive play, players will also be able to study these in their player app.

When you tag Fronts, Stunts/Blitzes, Coverages, etc. to a play, they will automatically be added to your Terminology section. From there you can build out pages dedicated to each term that includes notes, diagrams, videos, and assignments.

Terminology is the most dynamic way to create sections of your playbook that may not actually fall within a play call. For example, you can create terminology types for Drills or Gap Identifications so your players can study these components in their player app. 



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