Defense: Copy Plays

Quickly Build Plays Using the Copy Play Feature

Situation: You have built a play called "Odd Buck Cover 4" and now want to build a similar play ("Odd Buck Twist Cover 4" or "Odd Buck Cover 2"). You have assignments and diagrams in your original play that are almost exactly what you need for your new play.

Step 1: Make sure the original play is built out with Diagrams and Assignments. You will have the option to pull over Diagrams and Assignments

Step 2: Click the Copy Play button in the top right header of the play you plan to copy. A form will appear where you can change any necessary info.

: Be sure you check the boxes at the bottom of the form to "Copy Diagrams" and "Copy Assignments".                   

When you submit the form, a new play is created. You will be able to change any of the information in the new play, including diagrams and assignments, without affecting your original play.

Step 3: Flip or edit the diagrams and adjust assignments if necessary.

Step 4: Properly name the new diagrams. Read our article on the Importance of Naming Diagrams for more information. 


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