Adding Player/Staff Accounts To Just Play

Adding staff members and players to Just Play can very effectively be done a couple of ways. The first step is to use our CSV uploader to upload your roster to Just Play. 

Step 1) Upload Roster Using .CSV file


Step 1a) Navigate to Users/Groups

Step 1b) Click Players > Import from CSV

Step 1c) Use the "Download File Template" to provide a template for uploading

Step 1d) Import Roster from CSV (Must save excel file as CSV)

Step 2) Invite your team to join Just Play 

Option A) Sending an invite email for the player or coach to do on their own.

Note: Invite emails are only valid for 24 hours. So make sure they do it right away! 

Option B) Creating an invite session  

Note: This works best when displayed during a team meeting, project the invite url on the screen and let your team follow the instructions.

Option A: Invite Email 

You will receive this email from Just Play (shown below) and be able to set up your account.

Password: 8 Digits (this is a temporary password), you will be able to create a new one after initially logging in. 

Set Up My Account: This button is also a temporary link, however if you ever lose your website URL then, 

Your team site, will still be available to you but you must this is only active for individuals who have previously set up their account. 

Step 1) Copy the temporary 8 digit password 

Step 2) Click "Set Up My Account"

Step 3) Enter Username / Password from your Invite Email 

Step 4) Create Your Own Password

if you're setting up your account on a Phone or Tablet be sure to check out accessing Just Play on mobile devices.

Option B: Creating an Invite Session

Step 1) Click Users and Groups > Players > Create Invite Session

Step 2) Create a temporary password (Example = Bulldogs)

Step 3) Set the duration of time in which the temporary password works (Example = 48 Hours) 


Step 4) Click Create

Now you have the option to either send as email / text or display for your team to handle right away. Feel free to screenshot this page in order to save it for use later on, in case you have to navigate away from this page. You will not be able to get back to this screen once you have left.

Your players will need to enter in the site URL, put their email in as username and type in the temporary password. Once they do that, they will be prompted to choose a new password. Once a new password is created your players are active!


Be sure to save to your home screen in order to have the app on your phone. For instructions on this, see accessing Just Play on mobile devices.


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