Creating Effective Presentations

Just Play can be used as an effective presentation tool to your players or even at clinics. If you already have a PowerPoint made, you can easily save the slides as images to better teach your team.

Creating an Effective Presentation via GamePlan/Install

Step 1) Create a New GamePlan and begin creating plays that are specific to that GamePlan. You can learn more about that here.

Step 2) After the Plays are created, you can begin adding diagrams. This is where you can input your PowerPoint slides.

Step 3) Click the Diagrams tab on your New Play -> Add -> Upload Files.


Step 4) Then Click “Choose Files” & search your computer for your slide you want to use.

Step 5) After you have chosen your Slide or Slides, select Submit and the Slide you selected will appear where a diagram normally would. You can then add video in the video tab to go with the slide. (This is how it appears on the Player App).

How Does it Look for the Player App / Presentation Mode?


Step 1) If you have multiple slides per play: Use the arrow keys or swipe on the image. To expand the diagram full screen click the blue Arrows in the corner of the image.             

Step 2) To go to your next Play in the GamePlan, click the “Next” button above the video clip.

Need Help Saving PowerPoint Slides as Images to Upload into Just Play?

Step 1) Click File -> Export

Step 2) Switch File Format from PDF to JPEG. This will give you two options: either save every slide or save the current slide. If you save every slide, it will put them in a folder for you.


 Step 3) Click Export.

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