Adding Video to a Play

Adding video and files to plays and terminology is a great tool to provide a more dynamic learning environment for your players.

Adding Video

You can easily add video from your Just Play library, import it form your video breakdown system (SportsTec, Hudl, Krossover, Synergy, etc.), or upload it from your computer.

1. Click on the Videos & Files tab.

2. Click the "Add" button for the Videos area.


3. A dialog box will appear giving you options to attach video to the current play or term page. You can add video using one of the methods below.

  • Upload a video file from your computer
  • Select a video from your Video Library

Uploading Video from Your Computer

Uploading video from your computer is easy and our system will take any type of video format and convert it into a compatible version for our system.

1. Find the videos on your computer

2. Drag those videos into the upload box OR click inside the box to select the videos on your computer

Your progress will be shown and you will be taken back to the play page as soon as it has completed.

Note: videos take a few minutes to process the first time you have uploaded them.

Add Video from Your Library

A quicker way to add video is to use the "Select from Video Library" button. This will show you all videos in your system and allow you to search and select any of them.

We recommend using our batch video upload tool in the Video Library to add the videos you'd like to use for plays, terms, gameplans, scouts, and quizzes. To learn about this tool, see our Video Library Tutorial.

Once you select the videos, you will return to the play or term page and your video will be available.

Adding Files

You can also add support files to plays. These could be images (.jpg, .png, .gif), documents (.doc, .pdf), or presentations (.pdf, .ppt) that players might find useful while studying.

1. Click the "Add" button for the Support Files area.

2. A dialog box will appear giving you an upload form to add files to the play or term page.

3. Click "Choose File", find the file on your computer, and click "Upload".


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