Adding Video to Just Play

The easiest way to add multiple videos to your system is to use the Video Uploader which is accessed from the Video Library page. You can Add videos to the library and move them to the following places: 

1) Plays within the Playbook - click here to learn more.

2) Overall Scouting Reports, Specific Opponent Player Profiles - click here to learn more

3) Playlists - (see below)

On the left hand side click Film Room > Video Library. It will give you quick access to all videos that you have uploaded and allows you to search, add or remove all of your video clips.

Step 1) Export Video From SportsTec, Synergy, Krossover, Hudl, iPhone, Etc. 

Our system will take any video type (.mov, .mp4, .wmv...etc), export the specific clips you want to the desktop or Just Play Folder on your computer.

Note: Using Turbo.264 will speed up the processing time, after you have uploaded. If you use Turbo.264 then convert to .mp4 

Step 2) Go to Just Play > Film Room > Video Library 

On the right hand side, you will see a "+ Add Videos" button. This will allow you to launch the uploader. From here you can drag and drop the clips you wish to upload. 

1. Click on the blue "+ Add Videos" button in the top right corner of your Video Library page. A new window will open instructing you to drag and drop videos to begin your upload.


Note: You will see your videos processing below the upload area. You do not have to wait for the videos to upload to keep working on other pages in your system. You can minimize the Video Uploader and let the videos process while you continue to work. Each video will appear in your Video Library as they complete the upload process. Video upload and processing time will depend on the size of each individual video and the amount of videos added to the Video Uploader.

Note: If you do not see your videos right away: Hold Shift and Refresh Your Screen 

Film Room > Video Playlists

You can organize your videos into playlists to send to individual players or player groups.

To create a video group:

1. Click "+ Add Playlist" in the top right corner of the Video Groups page and give your group a name.

2. Click "+ Add Videos" 

3. Select the videos you would like to be part of the group in the dialog box that appears and click "Add Videos."


You can edit and remove videos from the Video Group page at any time. All active video groups will show up for your players in the Film Room section of your player app.


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